Mountains Restoration Trust accepts mitigation credits from agencies like United States Army Corp Engineers, California Fish and Wildlife, Regional Water Quality Control Board, Los Angeles County, California Coastal Commission and local municipalities. These mitigation credits fund many of our restoration projects and preservation acquisitions across the Santa Monica Mountains.

We are aware that all mitigation is not created equal and have policies in place to thoroughly review mitigation credits with our Board of Directors, senior staff and general public before their acceptance.

After passing a general selection criteria and pre-approval review from our board, potential mitigation credits are posted here for a minimum of 28 days. If you have objections, comments or questions to any potential mitigation credits posted, please email Our board and staff will read your objections, comments and questions before final acceptance or rejection of the proposed mitigation credits.

Lost Canyon Easement

Permittee Lost Canyons LLC is developing the Lost Canyons Project in Simi Valley, CA, which will renovate an existing 36-hole golf course into a new 18-hole course and residential community. Permittee obtained the following permits associated with temporary and permanent habitat impacts:

    • File No. SPL 2008-00815-AJS Issued by the USACE
    • File No. 13-109 Issued by the RWQCB 
    • SAA No. 1600-2013-0186-R5 issued by CDFW

In accordance with the permitting conditions, Lost Canyons LLC is completing onsite, permittee-responsible mitigation consisting of enhancement and restoration of coastal sage scrub and riparian communities. CDFW is requiring that an agency-approved, long-term management entity carry out long-term management of the mitigation area.

For impacts to upland coastal sage scrub, the Rancho Simi Recreation and Parks District (RSRPD) will assume long-term management of 317.85 acres. For impacts to riparian habitat, MRT is proposed to assume long-term management of 15.44 acres.