While there is no solid database to confirm it, veterinarians across Southern California report that dogs are 20% more likely to be bitten by a rattlesnake than a human – that means an average of 360 dogs will be bitten by a rattlesnake this year!

Rattlesnakes attack the year round in southern California. Bites can be fatal and treatment can cost thousands of dollars. Make sure you keep your furry four-legged friend safe on hiking trails, camping trips, and other adventures you may go on this year! Our Rattlesnake Avoidance Training Clinic will help keep both you and your pet safe. Fred Presson, of High on Kennels in San Diego, has years of experience in training dogs to alert to the sight, scent, and sound of a rattlesnake.

The clinics are conducted in a safe and controlled environment ensuring the safety of your dog, people, and rattlesnakes. The trainers have found that the best way to teach a dog to avoid rattlesnakes is to use live rattlesnakes, but they are humanely hooded so that they cannot bite. The snakes are placed out in a field setting and the dogs are fitted with an electronic training collar. The training process is repeated several times to assure you that your dog will know, and remember, how to avoid a rattlesnake.

The training sessions take 20-60 minutes on average, which includes check-in and the training. This assures that proper attention is given to all dogs. Appointments are available from 8am-5pm. SPACE IS LIMITED!! Register your dog now. Advanced payment of $80 per dog is required. NO refunds will be issued if cancellation is received within one week of the event.