Do you want to be a part of the Cold Creek Docents?

Training is held once or twice a year on 7 or 8 training sessions on Monday mornings from 9 AM to Noon.

  • We are looking for Docents with professional experience in all manner of natural resource fields.
  • We look for our teachers to have great enthusiasm for nature, earth science and a liking for kids.
  • Our teaching style is informal, valuing hands-on experiences without a script.
  • A typical program involves hiking with a group of 12-14 students on trails, interpreting the landscape along the way to our funky little nature center where we do specific activities related to each program.

How to Get Involved:

Our Training Schedule:

February 12th – The Yucca Tail to Stunt Ranch: Plant and Animal Communities

February 19th – Natural Cycles in the Living Soil

February 26th – The World of the Early Chumash and the Tongva People

March 5th – Ethnobotany: Native American Uses of Plants

March 12th – Natural Cycles and the Living Soil

March 19th – Simple Geology of the Santa Monica Mountains


UCLA Stunt Ranch Reserve

1201 Stunt Road

Calabasas, CA 91302


**notebook fee: $10

Being a docent-naturalist can be a deeply rewarding experience. You have the opportunity show kids things they’ve never seen before! Most kids today, from inner city or suburban areas, have limited outdoor experiences. It is a marvel ad a thrill . What you do is a very important aspect of the concept of ‘It takes a village to build a successful culture’ in a way that it is reminiscent of Native American ways of teaching their young to survive. Help kids to experience the natural world!

More Interesting information about the Cold Creek Docents!

History: The Cold Creek Docents began in 1977 as “The Cold Creek Canyon Preserve Foundation”. The initial goal was to provide an environmental education program to help the community learn about the Cold Creek Canyon Preserve. The Nature Conservancy began the project, but in 1981 they transferred ownership to Mountains Restoration Trust to continue protection and management of the Preserve’s uniquely pristine and diverse habitat. The Docents lead educational programs out of Stunt Ranch, established by the Stunt family in 1885. Programs include opportunities to teach students about chaparral ecology, early Native American cultural landscape, and the Stunt family homesteading days. The Docents began leading field trips for school groups from the greater Los Angeles area.

Why do the Docents Matter?

The Docent programs continued to grow and gain popularity within the community. It became clear to the program directors that public school student’s experiences and knowledge of natural resources was minimal, and the Docents Today’s students have an extremely limited chance, if any at all, to be outdoors in natural settings. Environmental literacy and a basic understanding of earth science is nearly non-existent. MRT felt that to be truly effective in its long-term community work, there needed to be outdoor experiences to lead citizens to community-based stewardship of important local natural resources. The Cold Creek Docent programs reaches out annually to about 2,500 students of the greater Los Angeles basin to involve students of all ages and grade levels in hands on experiences and how the natural world operates to support earth ecological processes.