• Working with the Community: Commemorative Oaks at Malibu Creek State Park

    Partnering with California State Parks and leveraging volunteer efforts in the community, Commemorative Oaks is the successful restoration of oak woodlands in Malibu Creek State Park. Since 1992, MRT planted over 2,000 oak trees and native grasses, helping Malibu Creek State Park return to its native glory.
  • Habitat Restoration of Dry Canyon Creek

    Dry Canyon Creek is a crucial link between the aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems in the Santa Monica Mountains. In 2006, MRT began a project to restore and improve the natural wetland and riparian habitat (the stream corridor and vegetation) along the banks of Dry Canyon Creek, a year-round headwater of the Los Angeles River.
  • Invasive Aquatic Species in the Malibu Creek Watershed

    MRT has been working to restore the Malibu Creek Watershed by removing invasive aquatic species, such as the Red Swamp Crayfish since early 2010. The Malibu Creek Watershed is the second largest watershed draining to the Santa Monica Bay and lies within 20 miles of three million people.
  • Cold Creek Preserve Restoration

    The Cold Creek Preserve protects the headwaters of Cold Creek, one of the few year-round streams in the Santa Monica Mountains and a major upland tributary to Malibu Creek.