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MRT Headquarters Fire News


On the weekend of June 4th Mountains Restoration Trust`s headquarters fell victim to the Old Fire in Calabasas. The fire started from downed power lines caused by a car crash not too far from the office on Mullholland Highway. The fire quickly burned up 516 acres of the Santa Monica Mountains. The office building was devastated as the wooden awning caught fire and rapidly spread throughout the house. We are lucky enough that the historic Masson House on the property was saved from the fire and that no one was seriously injured. We are able to salvage many files and hard drives from the computers that did not burn up, but many irreplaceable artifacts were lost.


This fire is a way for Mountains Restoration Trust to rebuild and become stronger than ever. This tragedy is not stopping us from continuing our restoration projects; in fact, many members of the field crew were back out working on their projects by the following Tuesday! We have a commitment to preserve, enhance, and restore the natural resources of the Santa Monica Mountains and we will continue to do that. We now have a lot of potential to enhance and restore the coast live oak woodlands and riparian areas that were burned.


The office will be torn down and we have plans to create a natural demonstration center for the community and beyond. The center will show how we can live in an urban-wildland setting. There will be native gardens, interpretive activities, a community presentation room, public bathrooms, and more.


As for now, we are asking for financial assistance in order to continue our operations. We have moved our office into the Masson House and are in the process of replacing many of the items lost. We are working to replace the tools used in the field, such as shovels, gloves, hoses, waders, and buckets, along with office supplies, such as computers, telephones, and filing cabinets. As we are in a scramble to get the projects going full force again, we are appreciative of any and all help.


From fire comes regrowth, and so we are looking forward to the future of Mountains Restoration Trust!







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The Santa Monica Mountains, a unique transverse range, running along the western edge of Los Angeles County`s LA Basin and the San Fernando Valley and ending in Ventura County, represents the collision of urban sprawl and the wild, producing enclaves that neither belong entirely to the city nor to the mountains.

For more than 30 years Mountains Restoration Trust (MRT) has worked to preserve, protect and restore this fragile ecosystem by offering responsible preservation and restoration programs, acquiring resource-rich land, and offering educational and recreational activities to the public.