Cold Creek Docent Fall 2018 Training Classes

October 1st – December 3rd 

Class 1: Trail Walk: Native Plants & Their Communities

Class 2: Insects: “The Little Things that Run the World”

Class 3: Rockin’ Along the Trails!

Class 4: Making Nature Relevant for Kids

Class 5: Natural Systems: The Interdependence of Nature 

                                                          Class 6: The World of the Early Chumash, Tongva, & Tataviam People

                                                          Class 7: Ethnobotany: Integration of Plants & Native Cultures

                                                          Class 8: The Living Soil! 

                                                          Class 9: Mediterranean Climates & Southern California as a Hotspot 

                                                          Class 10: A Cultural Artifact “Make It” Workshop